Contact Lenses

When you seek an alternative to glasses, Maple Eye Care & Eyewear specializes in contact lenses for your refractive and ocular health needs.

You may find that contact lenses are a great option when you seek a short- or long-term eyewear alternative to glasses. Choosing the right contact lenses for your eyes is important both for your vision and eye comfort.

At Maple Eye Care & Eyewear, we offer various spherical, toric, and multi-focal contact lens options that correct for distance, computer, and near vision. Our trained and certified optometrist, Dr. Semma, will professionally fit you, choosing from several different types of contact lenses, to arrive at your clearest and most comfortable vision.

Our custom contacts include scleral lenses, corneal rigid gas-permeable lenses, ortho-k lenses, and hybrid lenses. We endeavor to give you crisp, clear vision, whether you have normal cornea’s, or disorders such as keratoconus, corneal scarring, and dry eye disease.

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