Fresh, Modern Eyewear to Compliment Your Style 

Your style and personality are uniquely yours! And, at Maple Eye Care & Eyewear, we will guide  you in selecting the exact frames and lenses that reflect you and your lifestyle. We take time to  truly learn who you are, the looks that appeal to you and reflect your unique lifestyle, and your  visual needs. We then help you select distinctive eyewear that make you shine. 

Peruse our handcrafted, highly specialized eyewear from around the world. Here, you will find  diverse, exceptional designs, materials, colors, and color combinations from independent frame  suppliers to enable you to stand out and be you. 

Upon arrival of your frames/lenses, we will ensure a perfect fit, and you can return anytime for  a frame adjustment or repair. We also provide warranties on frames and lenses. 

As many people also appreciate and wear contacts, Maple Eye Care & Eyewear will  professionally fit you in the most comfortable contacts that give you the clearest vision.  

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