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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Great vision starts with healthy eyes. At Maple Eye Care & Eyewear, our Doctor of Optometry will evaluate your visual status and your ocular health to ensure you are seeing your best for years to come!

At Maple Eye Care & Eyewear, we care about your sight and the health of your eyes. Therefore, we recommend yearly comprehensive eye exams to help detect asymptomatic ocular issues or disease, even if you have no visual complaints. We also can detect systemic health complications, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and brain tumors.

Via our sophisticated retinal imaging system, we obtain images of your retina, macula, and optic nerves. As air puff testing is a thing of the past, we use a sleek iCare Tonometer to gently and comfortably determine your eyes’ ocular pressure.

Further, we evaluate how your eyes work together as a team with binocular vision testing to ensure that you see clearly and comfortably, whether at a distance, at your computer, and at near ranges.

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