Dry Eyes

Might you experience dry eye disease? Maple Eye Care & Eyewear can bring you long-term management and relief!

Many people unknowingly suffer from dry eye disease. So, if you experience dryness, redness, irritation, foreign body sensation, excessive tearing, and eye strain, you very well may have this condition. At Maple Eye Care & Eyewear, we offer you temporary as well as long-term management of dry eye disease. For your long-term management and relief, we treat not only your symptoms, but the causes of dry eye disease.

Our state-of-the-art dry eye assessments help us to differentiate between evaporative- and aqueous-deficient dry eye disease to enable us to create a custom treatment plan for you involving heat therapies, nutraceuticals, and topical ocular medications.

Call us today to book your dry eye evaluation and treatment!

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